For Undiscovered Country and All Dark Places


Pocketable sun, built for any adventure.



Whether in the clouds or in the valleys below them.

Take Flight


Fits anywhere, goes everywhere.

Tiny, yet mighty


For explorations near and far - five intensities across two beam types.



Snippets of a life well-lived.

Views of the World

Only by Muyshondt

They are our trademark: A complete, thoroughly refined approach to light, built with over fifteen years of Muyshondt experience and engineering.
Equipped with our highly sophisticated line of Calibre Light Engines and Lumicron, our Electric Torches produce smooth, beautiful beams that mimic sunlight and display rich, accurate color. 
In undiscovered country and all dark places, see well with an Electric Torch, only by Muyshondt.

Muyshondt Presents: Chronologies

We are fond of the special places around the world that our products get to call home; The verdant rainforests, arid deserts, briny seas, and everywhere in between. Over the last many years we have spent time capturing moments along the way, and are pleased to at last be able to share these views as captured by Muyshondt.

Without further ado, we would like to introduce our short film, Chronologies, now live on The Observatory.