Flieger Titanium
Flieger Titanium
Flieger Titanium
Flieger Titanium
Flieger Titanium

Flieger Titanium

Flieger Electric Torch

Flieger: Flier. Pilot. Aviator.

Inspired by and named for the intrepid men and women from the golden age of aviation, the Amelia Earhardts, Charles Lindberghs, Howard Hughes and all others who embodied a pioneering spirit and defined an era.


The Flieger is our most powerful Electric Torch. Use it deep underground, beneath the dark sky of a new moon with miles of open country, or during a pre-flight check on any aircraft before a night flight. With five available light intensities accessed with a quick half-press of the tailswitch, the Flieger produces a beam of light optimized for longer distances that displays rich, accurate color that mimics sunlight.

Built to Endure

A strong, rigid, monocoque case defines the body of the Flieger, with a shrouded bezel and tailcap providing a weatherproof seal against the elements. Equipped with a scratch resistant sapphire crystal lens with anti-reflective coating, a titanium domed pushbutton, signed tailcap, and golden electrical circuits, the Flieger is built to endure.

For Undiscovered Country

Providing generous amounts of light for an extended period of time off of our MPC-18650P Power Cell, the Flieger fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, and is our preferred Electric Torch for undiscovered country, and all dark places.


Titanium Casing

The casing material for the Flieger is cut from a single piece of titanium bar in a unique, monocoque form, resulting in an exceptionally strong and thermally efficient Electric Torch built to endure any adventure.


Our Flieger Electric Torch has seen service in the hands of many explorers around the world. It is equally at home at the top of frigid mountains, in the inky darkness below ground, and in all truly dark places. As our most powerful Electric Torch, it is an ideal companion for the places where there is no other light to be found.

Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal

Each Flieger is fitted with our synthetically grown sapphire crystal lenses. Second only to diamond for scratch resistance, our crystals are highly polished then layered with an anti-reflective coating for superior optical efficiency.

Calibre 816 Light Engine

Regulating power to the LED, the Calibre 816 efficiently maintains constant output throughout the life of the MPC-18650P Power Cell and provides an intuitive user interface, allowing you to simply click to turn the Flieger on, half press to cycle through each of the five light intensities (1, 25, 100, 500, and 720 lumens), and click to turn off.

Golden Circuitry

Highly conductive and electrochemically stable, we coat our electrical contacts in gold to ensure long term and efficient operation of our Electric Torches.

Weather Sealed

Every junction of the Electric Torch is secured with custom seals, allowing for reliable all weather use.

Pushbutton Tailswitch

Sealed with a rubber boot and easy to activate, the titanium-domed tailswitch on the Flieger allows you to conveniently and effectively operate the light one-handed.


Lumicron technology for Muyshondt Electric Torches allows you to see better. A proprietary set of designs and processes results in a smooth, high clarity beam that mimics sunlight, and displays beautiful accurate colors.

MPC-18650P Power Cell

Designed around the MPC-18650P Power Cell, the Flieger provides high outputs and long runtimes from its rechargeable power plant, and is also capable of running off 2x MPC-18350I Power Cells and 2x CR123A batteries with an included adapter.

Compact Power

25mm Diameter, 117mm Long, 174 Grams.