Flieger Titanium
Flieger Titanium
Flieger Titanium
Flieger Titanium
Flieger Titanium

Flieger Titanium

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A monocoque form cut from a single piece of titanium beset by clean lines and curves cut from its surface to provide grip in a form that retains elegance while providing high function, our Flieger is both our most powerful and largest model Electric Torch.

“Largest”, while accurate, is perhaps something of a misnomer. As with all of our Electric Torches size is minimized, and the Flieger provides five intensity levels with generous, far-reaching output at its maximum setting that belies its compact form, all easily accessible through a simple click of its domed titanium tailcap.

By virtue of its high intensity output, the Flieger is intended principally for illuminating scenes at longer distances compared to our other Electric Torches, and does so capably. Wide open spaces in dark and uncharted territory is where this model excels, and the type of task for which it was designed.

Whether you’re doing a preflight check prior to a night flight out in the bush, or roaming the high desert in the American Southwest, or any spots in between, get there with a Flieger Electric Torch, only by Muyshondt.

  • Titanium Construction
  • Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal
  • Calibre 816 Light Engine, Five Light Intensities
  • Golden Circuitry
  • Weather Sealed
  • Pushbutton Tailswitch
  • Lumicron
  • MPC-18650P or 2xCR123A Power Plant
  • 25mm Diameter, 117mm Long, 174 Grams