For Undiscovered Country, and all dark places.


Our most powerful model, inspired by the Golden Age of Aviation

Cleared for Takeoff


Our most sophisticated Electric Torch



For any adventure, space-faring or otherwise.



Tiny, yet mighty.

For Every Day and Every Night

Only by Muyshondt

They are our trademark: A complete, thoroughly refined approach to light, built with nearly fifteen years of Muyshondt experience and engineering.
Equipped with our highly sophisticated line of Calibre Light Engines and Lumicron, our Electric Torches produce smooth, beautiful beams that mimic sunlight and display rich, accurate color. 
In undiscovered country and all dark places, see well with an Electric Torch, only by Muyshondt.

The Observatory

A tribute to the people and places our Electric Torches call home.

Come Fly With Me

Flieger: Flyer. Pilot. Aviator.

Our most powerful Electric Torch, inspired by the intrepid men and women of the golden age of aviation: The Howard Hughes, Amelia Earharts, and Charles Lindberghs who blazed new paths for all of humanity through their revolutionary travels. Through determination and force of will, these exceptional adventurers shattered the realm of impossibility, and on their shoulders carried the hopes and dreams of a species entire.

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