Vintage Aeon UV
Vintage Aeon UV
Vintage Aeon UV
Vintage Aeon UV
Vintage Aeon UV
Vintage Aeon UV
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Vintage Aeon UV

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Vintage Aeon UV

Available Exclusively through RedBar Group.
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Made to See the Unseen.


Aeon UV. Assembled from a combination of vintage parts from the Aeon Mk. I and CR2 Ion Electric Torches, these Aeons are equipped with an ultraviolet LED to help you inspect vintage watches, or function as a rapid and effective lume charger.

Cut from a solid rod of high grade aluminum alloy, then hardcoat anodized, this special edition of the Aeon is strong, durable, and brings together specialized capability with a unique design styling from over a decade passed.

CR2 Ion Light Engine

This Aeon is powered by our original CR2 Ion Light Engine - our first ever light engine design from 2006, which supplies fully regulated power to the LED for constant brightness throughout the life of the battery.

Operation is easy: Tighten for low mode. Tighten more for high.

The Light Engine handles the rest, and provides generous runtimes off of a tiny MPC-CR2L Power Cell, which typically only requires replacement every few months.


Charge lume. Inspect a vintage watch. Reveal a luminescent world otherwise unseen - certain spiders, scorpions, chemicals, and many items will glow under the beam of this Aeon - just be sure you want to actually see them!

For Watches

This edition of the Aeon was created with watches in mind, exclusively for RedBar Group. We ourselves are avid watch collectors, and wanted to create a small batch of Electric Torches to address the needs of the watch enthusiast.

Say Hello to an Old Friend

The CR2 Ion made its debut in 2006. The Aeon Mk. I followed it in 2008. This is a combination of both of those designs, and represents the very last of some of the parts we had stored from these products.

The mechanical design of these torches is unique, and the beam type is a flood of UV light, and the tighten for low, tighten more for high switching mechanism is a Muyshondt design innovation that provides easy and effective intensity adjustment.

Each of these Electric Torches comes with the original packaging for the Aeon Mk. I, one of our leather sheaths made from Horween Chromexcel Leather, a pack of five MPC-CR2L Power Cells, along with a personalized letter with details and instructions.


Aluminum Construction

The Aeon is made from aluminum which is then anodized by dipping the part in an acid bath and running electric current through it. This causes a durable, scratch resistant coating to form over the metal, in a deep olive drab color. The interior of every battery case is chemically treated with a chromate conversion process, to prevent corrosion of the non-anodized surfaces.

CR2 Ion Light Engine

The CR2 Ion Light Engine is our first light engine design from 2006. It provides fully regulated power to the LED, allowing for constant brightness throughout the life of the battery. Operation is easy: tighten for low intensity, tighten more for high. Runtime on a high quality CR2 battery is 1.25 hours on high mode, and 35 hours of low mode, which represents many months worth of normal use.

Double-AR Coated Sapphire Crystal Lens

Strong, scratch resistant, and highly light transmissive with its double-sided Anti-Reflective (AR) coating, the lens passes through as many photos as possible while keeping your Electric Torch well protected from the elements.

O-Ring Sealed, Water Resistant

O-Rings seals are present at all junctures of the torch - The Aeon lets light out, and nothing in.

MPC-CR2L Power Cell

Designed around the minuscule MPC-CR2L Power Cell, the Aeon provides high outputs and long runtimes from its tiny power plant.

17.5 mm Diameter by 63 mm Long, 34 Grams

0.689 in Diameter by 2.48 in Long, 1.2 Ounces