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Maus UV
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Maus UV
Maus UV
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Maus UV

Maus UV Electric Torch

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Read more about the Maus UV on The Observatory.

Tools of the Trade

Since its release in early 2019, the Maus UV has found use in the hands of horology professionals worldwide. Top vintage watch experts, auction houses, and collectors use their Muyshondt to inspect and authenticate their watches.

Slightly larger than a AA size battery and carefully crafted from solid titanium, it is an exceptionally small tool that allows you to inspect vintage watches, quickly and effectively charge lume, and see a world otherwise unseen.

Calibre 416 Light Engine

The Maus is powered by our Calibre 416 Light Engine, producing constant output from the Electric Torch regardless of how full the battery is, and allowing for simple, intuitive control of each of the three light intensities.

Simply twist on, and rapidly twist off-and-on to move through each intensity level.

The Calibre 416 handles the rest, providing a generous amount of ultraviolet light off a tiny N-cell power plant.

For the Journey

Whether you're inspecting tritium plots on a mid-century dive watch, preparing for the perfect lume shot, or scanning your campsite for scorpions and other arthropods, the Maus UV is built as a tool for every journey, horological or otherwise.


There is no substitute for Muyshondt engineering and design.

From each individually cut pyramid and every carefully formed curve on the head and case grip patterns, each milled letter of the engraving slowly cut, to the electronic minutiae of our highly sophisticated Calibre light engines, we take the time, and attend to every detail throughout. 

A unique and functional tool for horology and specialized purposes, the Maus UV takes a special place inside the professional’s kit.


Titanium Construction

Strong, lightweight, and durable, titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on Earth. It is difficult to make and difficult to machine; a Maus UV in titanium is a superior choice for any adventure, horological or otherwise.


See the unseen. Equipped with an ultraviolet LED, this edition of the Maus allows you to see a world normally invisible. Whether your pursuits are horological, adventurous, or simply specialized, this Electric Torch serves as an indispensable part of every professional's kit.

Double-AR Coated Sapphire Crystal Lens

Sapphire Crystal. Extremely scratch resistant, coming in at 9 on the Mohs Scale (diamonds are 10), and coated on each side with an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating to help transmit more photons.


This is a high power Electric Torch that produces high intensity light in the ultraviolet spectrum, which is invisible to the human eye. It is not intended for general illumination. Exercise caution when using it. Never look directly into the beam or expose skin for a prolonged period of time. This Electric Torch is intended for use in inspection vintage watches, charging lume, and other such horological tasks, as well as generally allowing you to inspect anything that fluoresces under ultraviolet light.

These Electric Torches are reserved for each customer specifically at the time of order. All sales are final, no cancellations or returns accepted.

Parabolic Reflector

The Maus UV is fitted with a miniature parabolic reflector, producing a smooth, well formed beam that belies the size of the Electric Torch. Precisely machined, then coated with a highly reflective orange peel finish by evaporating metal in a vacuum chamber and condensing it onto the surface of the curve, the reflector efficiently molds light into our distinctive beam profile.

Calibre 416 Light Engine

With the Maus, you simply twist on, then rapidly twist off/on to switch between low, medium, and high intensities - the Calibre 416 handles the rest, producing constant output throughout the life of the battery with a simple, intuitive user interface.

Gold Plated Electrical Contacts

Gold. Very precious, highly conductive, and highly inert, gold plated electronics ensure good electrical connections in all parts of the light, ensuring reliability and helping to convert more electrons to light instead of heat.

O-Ring Sealed, Water Resistant

Custom O-Rings seal all junctures of the torch - The Maus lets light out, and nothing in.

N Cell

Designed around the N cell (LR1), the Maus provides high outputs and long runtimes from its tiny power plant.

14.5mm Diameter by 53.25mm Long, 28 Grams

0.57" Diameter by 2.1" Long, 1 Ounce