Beagle Mk. I Opus - MokuTi
Beagle Mk. I Opus - MokuTi
Beagle Mk. I Opus - MokuTi
Beagle Mk. I Opus - MokuTi
Beagle Mk. I Opus - MokuTi
$ 3,000.00

Beagle Mk. I Opus - MokuTi

Beagle Mk. I Opus Electric Torch

Small. Powerful. Capable.
The most electronically and mechanically sophisticated Electric Torch we've ever created, turned into functional art.
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Come Away With Me

Named after the HMS Beagle, a British Royal Navy vessel which carried a young Charles Darwin aboard during the expedition where he recorded his observations that would lead to his Theory of Evolution, the Beagle Electric Torch is designed as a tool for exploration.

Sophistication, not Complication

The Beagle is capable of two distinct beam types, and comes equipped with the new Calibre 1116 Light Engine – the latest generation in Muyshondt design drawing on over a decade’s worth of experience in crafting high-efficiency, high-performance electronics for Electric Torches.

Operation is simple: Five intensities (1/15/70 lumens flood + 165/435 lumens flood + throw) are accessed by clicking the tailswitch for each mode change. The Light Engine handles the rest, powering the LEDs efficiently, and without complication. A smooth, high-CRI flood provides a hotspot free wash of light for any close range tasks, and the central high beam provides an extra measure of power to view things at a distance – all within a single Electric Torch.

Well Versed in Versatility

Two beam types to illuminate the world up close, and far away.

Five intensities to give you the light output you need for any situation.

Capable of running for hours on CR123s, Rechargeable CR123s, MPC-18350I cells, and Protected 18350 Lithium Ion cells. (Power Cell not included)

All of this in a package 25mm in diameter and 85mm long, with a unique, monocoque case design crafted for superior durability and thermal performance.

Nothing but the Best

There is no substitute for quality.

Our clips are machined from a block of titanium. Our heatsinks are made of solid copper, then polished and gold plated to create a superior thermal juncture to the copper core LED board. Our electronics are crafted with gold plated circuit paths, using carefully selected components to maximize performance at every level. Our lenses are made from synthetically grown sapphire crystal that is covered with an anti-reflective coating on each side to maximize light transmission. Our LEDs are high CRI where possible – 90+ on the flood ring, and 80+ on the center beam.

With a Muyshondt Electric Torch, every little detail spanning electronic minutiae inside, to the user interface, and to each individually mill-cut pyramid on the grip, is considered and accounted for, and the Beagle continues in this tradition.



From the urban jungle, to the actual jungle, the Beagle is intended to be your companion on any adventure you take. It is small, bright, and capable – made from some of the finest materials on Earth and to uncompromising quality standards, and designed to help you remove darkness in any situation you find yourself in. See better, together, with a Beagle Electric Torch at your side.


MokuTi Opus Construction

A custom made blend of two titanium alloys, laminated, forged, twisted, and cleaned by hand, then turned into round rods, MokuTi starts off as a silver patterned metal base from which we extract beautiful results. After forging, we then take these MokuTi billets and machine them into Electric Torches, then polish each one by hand, and spend hours with a blow torch bringing out the colors and patterns in the metal, before carefully assembling each one by hand.

Requiring great skill to create, beautiful to behold, and with the unrivaled performance and engineering of a Muyshondt Electric Torch built in, an Opus edition Beagle is the best of our work expressed as functional art.

Monocoque Case

The Beagle uses a monocoque case design, created to optimize thermal conductivity and strength. There is no "head" on this design, and the only removable part is the tailcap. What results is a more even distribution of heat across the torch body - allowing for higher light output without overheating - as well as improved strength.

Dual Beam

The Beagle produces two distinct beam types - providing both a smooth flood of light, and a long distance high beam, all within a single Electric Torch.

Calibre 1116 Light Engine

The Calibre 1116 Light Engine is the culmination of over a decade's work in designing high efficiency, high performance Electric Torches. Light output is controlled simply: Click on, half-push to switch between modes. Click off. Each intensity level across both flood and throw beams are is fully regulated, with light outputs of 1 (100 hours), 15 (22 Hours), 70 (4 Hours) lumens flood, and 165 (2 Hours), and 435 (45 Minutes) lumens flood and throw.

Double-AR Coated Sapphire Crystal Lens

Sapphire Crystal. Extremely scratch resistant, coming in at 9 on the Mohs Scale (diamonds are 10), synthetically grown, cut, and polished, then coated on each side with an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating to become the lens on your Beagle.

Machined Clip

Cut from a solid block of titanium, the Beagle's clip is designed with just the right amount of tension to allow for secure attachment to any pocket. The clip is sculpted to fit perfectly along the curved body of the Electric Torch, with each edge carefully chamfered on all sides.

Gold Plated Electrical Contacts

Highly conductive and highly inert, gold plated electronics ensure good electrical connections in all parts of the light, making sure more energy is converted to light instead of heat.

O-Ring Sealed, Water Resistant

Custom O-Rings seal all junctures of the torch - keeping everything inside secure.

Pushbutton Tailswitch

Capped with a titanium pushbutton and easy to activate, the tailswitch on the Beagle conveniently and effectively allows you to operate the light one-handed.

High CRI Output

Both of the Beagle's beams are produced by high output, high Color Rendering Index (CRI) LEDs at 4000K (Neutral White) color temperature. The flood ring is 90+ CRI and the high beam is 80+ CRI, giving you rich, accurate colors at all light intensities.

Versatile Power Plant

The Calibre 1116  Light Engine is capable of accommodating dual battery types - a single CR123 cell, or an MPC-18350I cell (available from Muyshondt).

25mm Diameter by 84mm Long, 182 Grams

0.984 in Diameter by 3.31 in Long, 3.81 Ounces