The Guide

Occasionally people ask us for help in choosing an Electric Torch that's best fit for them. This guide has been written to highlight the primary differences between each model to help make the selection process easier. Each Electric Torch is designed to fill a specific lighting role, with little overlap with any other model. Owners generally benefit from a combination of two models, but you can get by with just one, or find use in owning all four, depending on your needs.

Without further ado, our Electric Torches:

Maus Mk. I

The Maus is a keychain light. Fundamentally it’s intended to be small and go anywhere. By virtue of its size, it fits comfortably on a set of keys, and is therefore available at all times to provide light. It is intended for use in close quarters, and performs very well indoors and at short range. The multiple light intensities provide versatility and generous runtimes off of a tiny N-cell power plant.

Aeon Mk. III

The Aeon is a small pocket light. It fits comfortably in the coin pocket of a pair of jeans, and has a dual-lock clip that is designed specifically to accommodate the hem on a pair of standard weight denim. It is brighter than the Maus, and intended broadly for general use. The larger reflector and light intensity result in a well-balanced beam that illuminates at close to moderate range effectively, and comes with three light intensities to suit your needs. The Aeon runs off a small MPC-CR2L Power Cell.

Beagle Mk. I

The Beagle is a medium sized light, and the most sophisticated electromechanical design we’ve ever created. The premise behind the design was to create an Electric Torch that bridged uses in close quarters, and mid-to-long distances effectively, without sacrificing performance for either use case. It works well up close, producing a smooth wash of light on all five intensity levels, never producing a strong central hotspot in close quarters, while still being capable of punching out to a greater distance on the fourth and fifth intensities. It’s a jack-of-all-trades type of design that has broad appeal, and runs on rechargeable MPC-18350I Power Cells or CR123 lithium batteries.

Flieger Mk. I

The Flieger is our largest and most powerful design, intended to illuminate at longer distances. It was envisioned as being a tool for pilots performing preflight on larger aircraft at night. It is not as useful at close range as the previous three models, but none of those are able to illuminate at so long of a distance as the Flieger is. If your primary use requires longer range illumination, the Flieger is for you. This model comes equipped with five light intensities and runs off an MPC-18650P, 2x CR123 or 2x MPC-18350I Power Cells. 

If choosing two lights, the choices are most generally between a Maus and Aeon (keychain vs. pocket carry), and between a Beagle and Flieger (pocketable versatility vs. maximum output).

If you’re going to choose “just one!” the choice is most generally going to be between the Aeon and Beagle. If small size is paramount, the Aeon is likely the right choice. If a larger size is acceptable to you, the Beagle may be best for you.

These suggestions are broad, of course, and what works well for you is dependent entirely on your uses. Every model is designed to be used and has had a balanced approach to design applied to create what we feel is best suited to each case. There is no wrong answer, only a question of use cases.

You are encouraged to review the product page for each Electric Torch as well to get a better idea for each model, and should you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’d be happy to help!