For undiscovered country and all dark places



For a winter's night

As the days of a long year grow shorter and we spend more time in longer nights, an Electric Torch is called into service more often now than during almost any other time of year.

Muyshondt has helped guide countless explorers and adventurers such as yourself to the tops of mountains, the skies above them, and the caves beneath them - through briny sea, dry desert, and wet rainforest, providing light to people across every corner of the Earth.

Whether you're looking to equip yourself, or another close to you this time of year, this guide will help see you through to the ideal selection for your choice of adventure.

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Happy Holidays

And not a creature was stirring, except for a Maus

The Maus is tiny. By virtue of its diminutive stature, it is our most-used Electric Torch. Comfortable on a set of keys, and most anywhere else, it serves as a constant companion to daily life. With a beam that mimics sunlight and designed for closer quarters use, the Maus is an ideal entry point to Muyshondt; a small light for life's small adventures.

Fly me to the moon

The journey of one thousand miles begins with just one step - whether to land's end, or The Edge of Space. The Aeon is part of our longest running design series; with a fifteen-year lineage, it represents our view of an Electric Torch ideal for all general purposes, designed primarily for moderate range use. With a generous amount of light provided across three intensities and a beam that mimics sunlight, the Aeon is ready for any of your adventures, space-faring or otherwise.

A ship in harbor is safe, but that is not what ships are built for

Named after HMS Beagle, the ship that carried a young Charles Darwin on his First Journey of Discovery, this Electric Torch is designed as a tool for exploration. Our most electromechanically sophisticated design, the Beagle provides five light intensities across two different beam types, well-optimized both for close quarters and longer distance illumination alike. Whether deep in the engine room of a ship at sea, spelunking down an abandoned 19th century mineshaft, the Beagle provides you with unrivaled versatility and a pocket full of sun.

Get there, with a Muyshondt Electric Torch

Built with the Amelia Earhardts, Charles Lindberghs, and Howard Hughes of the world in mind, our Flieger Electric Torch is our largest and most powerful Electric Torch. Optimized for longer distance illumination and equipped with five light intensities, it is designed to see you through the widest expanse of open dark you find yourself in. For undiscovered country, and all dark places, a Flieger Electric Torch shows you the way.

Simple Folds

Whether your tastes are for a traditional bifold in Shell Cordovan, or towards a thinner and more exotic design in Kangaroo, Muyshondt wallets are carefully crafted from superbly strong and uncommon leathers, sewn into simple, elegant forms, made to function as a quintessential daily companion.


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