For Undiscovered Country and All Dark Places


For over fifteen years Muyshondt has been creating Electric Torches. Equipped with our line of highly sophisticated Calibre Light Engines and Lumicron technology, Muyshondt Electric Torches produce beautiful, well-formed beams that mimic sunlight. 

Built to extraordinarily high standards, with a bold, classic design aesthetic, our Electric Torches span in size and features from close to long range seamlessly, with a model suited for every task.

They have been a tool for exploration in dark caves, briny seas, dry deserts, and tall mountains. They have been frozen solid in blocks of ice, and sent unprotected to the edge of Space. They have seen service in countless dark corners across the Earth, and found to perform well on any adventure, space-faring or otherwise.

We look forward to having the honor of one of our Electric Torches entering your service.