MPC-18650P Power Cell

MPC-18650P Power Cell

Power Cells

Clean Electricity for Your Electric Torches
Engineered for performance and reliability, these rechargeable power cells from Muyshondt store large amounts of electricity to keep your electric torches running for longer between each charge.
Limit one cell for purchase with an Electric Torch for orders outside the US.


Protection and Performance

Lithium Ion battery chemistry is volatile. Our lithium cells are manufactured by a company involved in the Electric Vehicle space. They are capped with a gold plated anode and cathode connection, and paired with a protection circuit to limit overcharging, overdischarging, and overcurrent. This maximizes the performance and longevity of the power cell, and improves safety and reliability. (Read more about Lithium-Ion Safety Here)

Eco-Friendly. Economical.

Rated at 3400mAH, and capable of up to 40,000 charge cycles, these cells provide long term, reliable power – holding more energy than equivalent lithium primary cells, and costing a fraction of a penny in electricity to charge each time, resulting in a total cost of ownership that is less than 0.2% of traditional lithium-primary cells.

For Electric Torches and All General Purposes

These power cells have been created specifically to operate inside the Flieger Electric Torch, but are suitable for use in other products and applications requiring high energy density and designed to use an 18650 cell.