MPC-18350I Power Cell

MPC-18350I Power Cell

Power Cells

Clean Electricity for Your Electric Torches
Engineered for performance and reliability, these rechargeable power cells from Muyshondt store large amounts of electricity to keep your electric torches running for longer between each charge.
Limit one cell for purchase with an Electric Torch for orders outside the US.


Protection and Performance

Power Cells designed for use in the Beagle Electric Torch, these IMR chemistry lithium ion cells provide high energy density in a compact package, to keep your Electric Torches running bright for as long as possible.

Eco-Friendly. Economical.

Rated at 700mAH and 4.2V, these cells are a fast-charging, energy efficient, high-performance power plant for your Electric Torches.

For Electric Torches and Specialized Devices

These power cells have been created specifically to operate inside the Beagle Electric Torch. They are unprotected lithium ion cells with an IMR chemistry cathode, meaning that extra caution must be utilized when operating any device with them, and they are not recommended for inexperienced users. (Read more about Lithium-Ion Safety Here - If in doubt, use lithium primary CR123A cells in your devices.)