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Maus Opus
Maus Opus
Maus Opus
Maus Opus

Maus Opus

Maus Opus Electric Torch
Mokume Gane

Tiny, yet Mighty

Wood-Grain Metal. Custom Forged. Unparalleled Beauty.


Smaller than Small

Small and bright. But that doesn’t quite cover it. The Maus is an exercise in precise minimalism – in paring away excess material and carefully crafting a torch that is as small as it can be, while retaining high performance, simplicity of use, and an elegant functional form. What has resulted is an electric torch that is among the smallest ever created, but with a use case that rivals a much larger torch.

Excellence in Engineering

The Maus represents the best of the best in design miniaturization. Smaller than a tube of lip balm, yet producing up to 60 lumens output from a package 14.5mm in diameter and 53.25mm short, every part of the Maus has been thoughtfully executed to minimize size, maximize runtime, and ensure that you have good quality light available at all times.

It has everything you need, and nothing that you don’t, and has been created to be your ideal daily companion.

Simply Superior

Mokume Gane Construction – for beauty unequalled.
Double-AR Coated Sapphire Crystal Lens – for optical clarity and excellent scratch resistance.
Gold Plated Electrical Contacts – for maximum efficiency and longevity.
Lumicron Technology – for creating exceptional quality light.
Elegant Design – to produce a form that’s eminently capable, and as beautiful to look at as it is to use.

Carefully Crafted

Every feature has been carefully considered, from the Stowaway Tailcap, to the individually milled pyramid grips on the head. Each individual part of the Maus has been machined precisely, carefully finished, and hand assembled into an Electric Torch of the highest caliber. 

Designed for Every Day (and Night)

The Maus was created to be the ultimate torch for daily use. It is small – less wide than a typical key, in fact. It is bright. It is completely at home on your keychain and in your pocket, and makes its presence there entirely unknown, but is there whenever and wherever you need it.


Mokume Gane Construction

Wood Grain Metal. A technique developed originally in Japan to capture the patterns and beauty of nature in metal. Our Mokume Gane is custom forged for the Maus, and very carefully crafted to create an exquisite torch with stunning patterns. Made from a blend of Nickel Silver, Copper, and Brass, each Mokume Maus will have a grain and character of its own, and will patina gracefully over time unique to your uses.

Lumicron Light

Lumicron technology for Muyshondt Electric Torches allows you to see better. A proprietary set of designs and processes results in a smooth, high clarity beam that mimics sunlight, and displays beautiful, accurate colors.

Double-AR Coated Sapphire Crystal Lens

Sapphire Crystal. Extremely scratch resistant, coming in at 9 on the Mohs Scale (diamonds are 10), and coated on each side with an Anti-Reflective (AR) coating to help transmit more photons.

Stowaway Tail

A recessed tail allows for the key ring to be stowed away securely when not in use, while still enabling tail standing functionality.

Parabolic Reflector

A tiny parabolic reflector is custom cut for the LED in the Maus, producing a smooth, well formed beam that belies the size of the torch. Precision machined, then coated with a highly reflective orange peel finish by evaporating metal and condensing it onto the surface of the curve, the reflector efficiently bounces light to create the best beam profile possible.

Microprocessor Controlled Light Engine

With the Maus, you simply twist on, then rapidly twist off/on to switch between light intensities of 1, 10, and 60 lumens.

Gold Plated Electrical Contacts

Gold. Very precious, highly conductive, and highly inert, gold plated electronics ensure good electrical connections in all parts of the light, ensuring reliability and helping to convert more electrons to light instead of heat.

O-Ring Sealed, Water Resistant

Custom O-Rings seal all junctures of the torch - The Maus lets light out, and nothing in.

N Cell

Designed around the N cell (LR1), the Maus provides high outputs and long runtimes from its tiny power plant.

14.5mm Diameter by 53.25mm Long, 28 Grams

0.57 in Diameter by 2.1 in Long, 1 Ounce