Maus Aluminum
Maus Aluminum
Maus Aluminum
Maus Aluminum
Maus Aluminum

Maus Aluminum

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Edition Midnight Black

Small. Miniature. Diminutive. Tiny - yet mighty.

An Electric Torch small enough to ride unobtrusively on a keychain while still providing substantial utility for the places you most regularly find yourself without light.

Equipped with two light intensities in a svelte, elegant form a mere 17x35mm in size, the Maus excels in closer quarters and produces a rich, sunlight-like beam with a simple twist of its head.

Designed for common daily use, the Maus’ size - or rather, lack thereof - allows it to be omnipresent and ready to serve as a faithful companion anywhere and everywhere life takes you.

So whether restoring a vintage car, hiking through the wilderness during a New Moon, or simply getting through a bit of unexpected dark, the Maus will get you where you need to go capably, all while adding minimal size and weight.

  • Aluminum Construction
  • Lumicron
  • AR Coated Borosilicate Lens
  • Stowaway Tail
  • Parabolic Reflector
  • Microprocessor Controlled Light Engine, Two Light Intensities
  • Gold Plated Electrical Contacts
  • O-Ring Sealed, Weather Resistant
  • N (LR1) Cell Power Plant
  • 14.5mm Diameter by 53.25mm Long, 28 Grams