Aeon Mk. III Aluminum
Aeon Mk. III Aluminum
Aeon Mk. III Aluminum
Aeon Mk. III Aluminum
Aeon Mk. III Aluminum
Aeon Mk. III Aluminum
$ 295.00

Aeon Mk. III Aluminum

Aeon Mk. III 7075-T6 Aluminum

41 Parts
Up to 68 Manufacturing Operations
36 Steps of Careful Hand Assembly and Packaging
Each Aeon Mk. III Electric Torch is crafted with the utmost quality and attention to detail to be at your service.

The Aeon Mk. III. The latest in a long line of torches with a design heritage dating back ten years.

The Aeon has been designed to the highest standards - Precision machined from the finest materials and carefully assembled by hand to create a lighting tool of uncompromising capability and elegance, while still maintaining a minuscule form factor.

Cut from 7075-T6 Aluminum - aluminum with the strength of steel - then lightly bead blasted, and Type III Hardcoat Anodized for for an exceptionally beautiful, durable, and functional finish, the Aeon Mk. III Aluminum represents the state of the art in its class.

The Mk. III Light Engine. Turning Electricity into Light. Efficiently.

At the heart of everything is the new Mk. III Light Engine. Developed and tested for over nine months, the completely new light engine supplies fully regulated output current to the LED, and enables output as high as 160 lumens from a tiny CR2 battery. Coated in gold and carefully designed to maximize electrical conductivity and efficiency, the Mk. III Light Engine allows the Aeon to provide beautifully rendered light output, for a very long time.

Color Rendering Index - Beautiful, Accurate Light

A quality torch should produce quality light. Color Rendering Index (CRI) is the difference between seeing something, and seeing something well. Most LEDs have difficulty producing broad spectrum light that mimics sunlight - consequently, the Aeon uses superior LEDs with high Color Rendering Index, illuminating the path in front of you with warm, richly rendered colors, and allowing you to actually see what's in front of you with far greater accuracy.

Parabolic Reflector - Precisely Made to Deliver a Smooth Beam

A precision machined Parabolic Reflector focuses photons to produce a clean, well-shaped beam, with a traditional hotspot and corona. The reflector is cut from solid copper to aid in heatsinking, and then vacuum metalized with a light orange peel finish by evaporating metal at high temperatures and allowing it to condense on the surface of the curve, resulting in a highly reflective, and highly efficient reflector.

Pushbutton Tailswitch - Easy, Fast Switching Between Three Light Intensities

The Aeon also comes equipped with a Pushbutton Tailswitch. Designed to allow for easy and fast intensity switching, the tailswitch is paired with the Mk. III Light Engine to jump between 1-, 15-, and 160-lumen intensities effortlessly. All in all, the new Aeon Mk. III is among the smallest in its battery class, and second to none in features, performance, and functionality.

Highly efficient electronics. Beautiful light output. Uncompromising quality. The Aeon Mk. III combines the best of the best to provide high quality light when and where you need it. 

Space Faring

The Aeon Mk. III has been tested in near-space. Sent unprotected to over 100,000 feet (31.5km) above the surface of the earth, experiencing temperatures as low as -54F (-48C), and pressures less than 1/10th that of those on the ground, the Aeon performed admirably, maintaining the integrity of its seals, and worked flawlessly upon recovery after re-entry.

It also happens to be the first light ever sent to the edge of space.


7075-T6 Aluminum Construction

A fantastically strong alloy, bringing together the strength of steel with the featherweight of aluminum. Originally developed in secret by the Sumitomo Metal Company in Japan during the 1940s, it's substantially more difficult to machine, much more difficult to anodize, and far stronger than more common alloys, with one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any metal. It finds use in high quality rifles, airframe parts, and high-performance cycling and climbing equipment - and now, the Aeon Mk. III. The torch is bead blasted and Type III hardcoat anodized post-machining, resulting in a strong, durable, and richly colored finish.

High Color Rendering Index (CRI)

LEDs take electricity, and turn it into light. The Aeon turns it into high-quality light. Using a High CRI LED, colors are rendered accurately, as though by sunlight, with warm, rich tones rarely seen from electric lighting.

Double-AR Coated Borosilicate Lens

Strong, scratch resistant, and highly light transmissive with its double-sided Anti-Reflective (AR) coating, the lens passes through as many photos as possible while keeping your light well protected from the elements.

Trapezoidal Threads

Smooth turning, durable threading is important. Traditionally, threads are cut with V shaped points - ours are cut with a trapezoidal profile instead, removing easily dented edges - making for smoother rotation, and much more durable threads.

Parabolic Reflector

A parabola is custom cut for the LED in the Aeon, then coated with a highly reflective surface by evaporating metal and condensing it onto the surface of the curve. A light orange peel finish ensures that the beam is smooth and well shaped.

Microprocessor Controlled Light Engine

Light output is controlled simply: Click on, half-push to switch between modes. Click off. Very easy, very fast mode cycling for an excellent user experience.

Gold Plated Electrical Contacts

Highly conductive and highly inert, gold plated electronics ensure good electrical connections in all parts of the light, making sure more energy is converted to light instead of heat.

O-Ring Sealed, Water Resistant

Custom O-Rings seal all junctures of the torch - The Aeon lets light out, and nothing in.

Pushbutton Tailswitch

Sealed with a rubber boot and easy to activate, the tailswitch on the Aeon conveniently and effectively allows you to operate the light one-handed.

Stainless Steel Clip

Made from passivated stainless steel, the pocket clip bolts securely to the tail of the torch, and is designed with a locking mechanism to stay clipped securely when in use.

CR2 Cell

Designed around the minuscule CR2 cell, the Aeon provides high outputs and long runtimes from its tiny power plant.

17.5 mm Diameter by 63 mm Long, 34 Grams

0.689 in Diameter by 2.48 in Long, 1.2 Ounces