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Aeon Electric Torch



Designed to provide power and capability in a highly portable package, our Aeon Electric Torch fits anywhere and goes everywhere in a classic, elegant form. Nearly 15 years of refinement has yielded a design that is well balanced for all general uses. Powered by our Calibre 515 Light Engine which provides generous runtime off a small MPC-CR2L Power Cell, the Aeon offers three light intensities with a simple, intuitive user interface.


Simplicity isn't simple, however. There is more than meets the eye at play in a Muyshondt Electric Torch. 40 individual parts come together in a highly specialized tool to create light effectively, with nearly every part custom made to our specification. Every Aeon is manufactured precisely by machine, carefully hand assembled, and equipped with our Lumicron technology to create a reliable tool that allows you to not only see, but see well.


As part of our longest running design series, the Aeon has seen the most varied uses of any of our Electric Torches. It has scaled tall mountains and explored deep caves. It has swam in many oceans and the harsh brine of the Dead Sea. It has seen service across the world, beneath the Earth, and quite far above it.


Sent unprotected to the edge of space, 20 miles above the Earth, the Aeon was subjected to cosmic rays, withering cold, extremely low pressures, and returned safely and fully functional to the Earth. Tested in land, sea, air, and space, our Aeon Electric Torch is ready for any of your adventures, space-faring or otherwise.


Copper Casing

From the warm, red-orange glow of Polished Copper to the dark, well-worn character of our trademark Relic finish, this edition of the Aeon will morph in finish over time, developing a patina unique to your use.


Lumicron technology for Muyshondt Electric Torches allows you to see better. A proprietary set of designs and processes results in a smooth, high clarity beam that mimics sunlight, and displays beautiful, accurate colors.

Anti-Reflective Sapphire Crystal

Each Aeon is fitted with our synthetically grown sapphire crystal lenses. Second only to diamond for scratch resistance, our crystals are highly polished then layered with an anti-reflective coating for superior optical efficiency.

Calibre 515 Light Engine

Regulating power to the LED, the Calibre 515 efficiently maintains constant output throughout the life of the Power Cell and provides an intuitive user interface, allowing you to simply click to turn the Aeon on, half press to cycle through each of the three light intensities (1, 15, and 160 lumens), and click to turn off.

Golden Circuitry

Highly conductive, and electrochemically stable, we coat our electrical contacts in gold to ensure long term and efficient operation of our Electric Torches.

Weather Sealed

Every junction of the Electric Torch is secured with custom seals, allowing for reliable all weather use.

Pushbutton Tailswitch

Sealed with a rubber boot and easy to activate, the tailswitch on the Aeon allows you to conveniently and effectively operate the light one-handed.

Dual-Lock Clip

The Aeon’s clip is designed with a secure dual-lock mechanism that can accomodate the hem thickness of standard weight denim. Smoothly finished with a very light surface texture, each clip is signed with a Muyshondt “M” and attaches to your pocket with ease.

MPC-CR2L Power Cell

Designed around the minuscule MPC-CR2L Power Cell, the Aeon provides high outputs and long runtimes from its diminutive power plant.

Compact Power

17.5mm Diameter, 63mm Long, 54 Grams.