Flieger Production Closing Notes

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Thanks so much to all of you who pre-ordered a Flieger and who have been waiting patiently for the arrival of my latest Electric Torch. Now that things have wrapped on production, and that torches will start shipping next week, I’d like to take a moment (before I disappear into the Horrible Cave of Shipping for a few days!) to go over what the final production specifications and runtimes ended up working out as. 

The Flieger has five intensities: 1, 25, 100, 500, and a 720 Lumen Turbo Mode.

First and foremost, about Turbo Mode:

At prototyping I had originally said that this was a 900 lumen torch based on integrating sphere testing I had commissioned at the time, and the production units have come out at 720 lumens. The output is the same between the two versions, but the measurements at prototyping were incorrect. As it turns out, the light sensor in the integrating sphere had trouble with the output level on turbo mode, and over-measured the output. It was recalibrated for testing the production units, yielding the correct (lower) results.

What material impact does this have on the performance of the Flieger in practice? Not much of one. The human eye does not react linearly to light output, and the difference between 500 and 900 lumens, despite being nearly 2x on paper, does not greatly change the perceived intensity, and the difference between 720 and 900 lumens would be nearly imperceptible, even with two lights of such output levels placed side by side.

This very effect is what allows the Maus, at 60 lumens, to rival a much larger torch in usable output despite its comparatively small size and output numbers, and why I’m able to squeeze as much performance and general functionality out of all of my torches by managing the effect properly and catering to real world performance. It’s also why I have no inclination to pad my numbers by using inferior LEDs that are brighter on paper, but less useful in practice, and also do not pursue brightness at all costs – including making inferior drivers that turn more electricity into heat than necessary (with their concordant lower runtime, and lower product lifespan as a result), as well as driving LEDs too hard with insufficient thermal mass to sink that heat (the three of these being necessary for higher output, and the three of them each significantly nerfing the actual performance in use). 

Nonetheless, 720 lumens is not 900 lumens. I apologize for this discrepancy, and steps have been put in place to prevent it from ever happening again. If this is any way an issue for you, please send me an email at vcc@muyshondt.net, and I’d be happy to discuss the matter with you further to make sure the torch is a good fit for your uses, and if it is not, I’d be happy to give you a full refund of your purchase price.

Without further ado, I’d like to present to you the runtimes on each intensity level of the Flieger, tested on an MPC-18650P Power Cell. Runtime on 2xCR123s, 2x18350s will vary, as will your use of different brand cells of any type. 

First Intensity
1 Lumen
400 Hours 

Second Intensity
25 Lumens
43 Hours 

Third Intensity
100 Lumens

Fourth Intensity (High Mode)
500 Lumens

Fifth Intensity (Turbo Mode)
720 Lumens

These are regulated runtimes – the Flieger will run for a while longer than the above numbers after falling out of regulation, so it won’t leave you in the dark, but once the light falls out of regulation you should discontinue use as soon as possible and recharge or replace the batteries.

Turbo Mode runs with a 720 lumen burst which automatically throttles back down to 500 lumens after about 3 minutes to prevent thermal overload. This is done to allow you an extra amount of light to illuminate longer distance objects effectively, but prevents the light from overheating. The Flieger gets warm on high mode, and would overheat if left running on turbo mode continuously, causing damage to the LED and electronics, and being capable of burning the end user 

Regulation on each light intensity level is pretty flat, and performance when paired with the MPC-18650P is exceptional, yielding extremely generous runtimes at each level.

Another post will follow this one after all pre-orders have shipped, going into full detail on the features of the light, along with new photos 

Thanks to all of you for your support, and I’m looking forward to getting these torches out to you shortly!


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