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Something is coming.

Something new, and something exciting.

Something taking truly excellent material, pairing it with experienced craftsmanship, and building it into truly fine products. Basically – a different medium for creation, but very much the same quality you’ve come to expect from Muyshondt over the last 10 years.

Leather. And not just any leather – Genuine Horween Leather – the finest leather on Earth, because it would be unacceptable any other way.

But, leather is a raw material, and a complicated one at that. To get it to do what you want, to know how to cut and fold it, to account for each hide’s unique grain and intricacies, and to create a piece that will last a lifetime, requires a deep knowledge of the material, so as to craft it into something truly special.

Who better, then, to create the finest leather products, than the people who make the finest leather and who understand every tiny detail about it?

Horween has been tanning leather since 1905. They’ve been at it for over 100 years and are the last operating tannery in Chicago, which was a major cattle hub in its heyday. It’s no accident that Horween was the only one who survived. While the hundreds of other tanneries that dotted Chicago have since closed shop, Horween focused on making a superior quality product; On sticking to time-tested formulas developed and improved for over a century; On truly making the best of the best.

That tradition continues with the current generation at the company, including Nick Horween, who is stewarding the business into a new age, and tanners Phil Kalas and Dan Cordova.


Phil and Dan started the Ashland Leather Company, creating hand crafted goods from Horween Leather. At Ashland, they have a combined 30 years tanning experience, in creating the leather itself, and a combined 20 years leatherworking experience, making some of the best leather products available, bar none. By day, they work as tanners at Horween, creating the raw materials that they later transform into exceptional leather goods at Ashland by night.

So, it comes as no surprise that when I was looking to have some accessories made for Muyshondt products, that Horween leather was the material of choice, and that a collaboration with Ashland Leather was borne naturally from this.

I am excited to be offering you sheaths for your Aeon Mk. III, as a collaboration between Muyshondt and Ashland. These will also work with your Aeon Mk. I and II, as well as the CR2 Ion. It is the first of many forays into leather goods that you’ll be seeing here going forward, and we invite you to experience the superior quality of Horween leather, and the hand-stiched and excellence found in each of our products.

Enrique Muyshondt

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