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Today marks the release of a tiny batch of items from our past in conjunction with, and available exclusively through, our friends at RedBar Group.

In 2006, nearly thirteen years ago, Muyshondt was founded, and released its first product: The CR2 Ion. This design begat the Aeon Mk. I, and Aeon Mk. II that came after it.

It’s a straight forward design. A knurled body with a stowaway keyring, and an activation performed by twisting for low intensity, and twisting more for high, with constant brightness maintained across both. It defined the state of the art for its time – and served as our first platform for development and innovation in lighting that came after.

As a small point of pride for us, many of our older designs, including the CR2 Ion, Aeon, etc. still remain in regular service in owner’s hands, even after all these years.

These Electric Torches have long since gone out of production, but we did have enough parts stored to build a small handful of them, and today we release a special vintage version of an old friend, catered towards the watch enthusiast.

Using a mix of elements from the CR2 Ion and Aeon Mk. I designs, we’ve created a special, all-vintage UV Aeon, useful for charging lume, and especially so for inspecting vintage watches.

The Electric Torch comes equipped with a sapphire crystal with anti-reflective coating on both sides, a light engine that functions progressively by twisting, and twisting more for low and high intensity, and is built from hardcoat anodized aluminum. It produces a flood of constant-brightness ultraviolet light that lets you see things that you cannot with the unaided eye: For watches, you can see repair work on lume and dials, and for general life, you can find scorpions, spiders, and other fluorescent creatures and compounds.

These Electric Torches are being offered in partnership with our friends at RedBar Group, and come together in a package with a Vintage UV Aeon, leather sheath made from Horween Chromexcel leather, and a pack of five MPC-CR2L Power Cells, for $325.

You can read more about this special edition Electric Torch here.

They will be available tonight at RedBar New York, and you can put your name down for any extras left available after this evening by e-mailing RedBar Group.

As always, thanks for your interest in Muyshondt. We look forward to having the honor of one of our products entering your service and seeing your wrist shots!

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