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It has been a while since I’ve had the occasion to write a post for the Journal. Looking back I see the posts for Beagle and Aeon, but those are diaries of a different sort.

I’ve been introspective lately. My company has been in business for over 12 years now. We count among our customers thousands of people worldwide dating since 2006. We’ve had the very good fortune of finding a ready audience for our work, and have released thirteen major products:

CR2 Ion, Nautilus Mk. I, Nautilus Mk. II, Aeon Mk. I, Aeon Mk. II, Aeon Mk. III, Aeon Mk. III Series 2, Mako Mk. I, Mako Mk. II, Spinner, Maus Mk. I, Flieger Mk. I, and Beagle Mk. I.

In addition to these we’ve also released several accessories to go along with our Electric Torches, including fine leather goods, power cells, and several other pieces, all with beautiful artwork and packaging to match.

Experience, and eventual mastery, is only gained with time and effort, and I am grateful and humbled to have been able to create these products for you. Many of these releases defined the state of the art for their time, and certainly helped to define the future that is today. 

2017 was a momentous year for us. The Beagle was a design that we had worked towards for quite some time – the idea had been floating around for a number of years, and actual active development work on it, not counting production time, was about a year. It has been a very popular design, and one which I am quite proud of. The Flieger was also released earlier in the year, which ranks as the presently-most-powerful Electric Torch we’ve ever made, and helped to push the boundaries of our core design language forward. 

While I feel our body of work is well presented here on the site, and largely speaks for itself in person, there are a few things that might not be immediately self-evident that I think are worth pointing out when it comes to a Muyshondt product. We do things rather differently:

Our efforts span well beyond making a metal shell to put off the shelf parts in. Our Electric Torches are complete expositions in design and are not merely hosting commonly available work.

Free design is generally not good, and good design is generally not free. Our development is patient, private, and proprietary, and not based on any kind of open source or derivative thereof. We spend a lot of effort on research and development in creating our Light Engines, selecting our light sources, and designing new mechanical forms. 

We select output parameters intelligently, and appropriately, in the context of the design and its intended use case. There is a substantial amount of knowledge and research from over a decade’s work that goes into how we select suitable light output levels, and then match our light engine designs to work well at those levels. Balancing the way our light sources work, how our light engines work, how our batteries work, and how humans react to light, is not something the average person knows, or should know. That is our job, and if we are going to create products that work well for our customers and ensure their performance, we aren’t going to burden a customer to make critical engineering decisions in an open-ended interface, nor opt for complication over simplicity.

The point here is that a Muyshondt product is not merely an assembly of parts casually thrown together to make light. There is much more beneath the surface that goes into their creation. Nearly every part, down to the O-rings, is custom made for us. They are more than pretty metal shells, more than a light engine, more than an LED, more than a list of specifications on paper. They are a careful execution of many distinct arts and sciences to create a refined device. 

I’ve experimented with lighting in some form or another for over twenty-six years. My company has been working on it for twelve years. My thoughts on design, quality manufacturing, along with a few other topics, can be found in the entries on this Journal. We design for use, and build products for people who actually do things. We create Electric Torches, not flashlights.

There are plenty of other things I could have done in life and that Muyshondt as a company could have specialized in instead. But at the same time, there really wasn’t. We are fortunate to have the benefit of long experience and are looking forward to sharing the work of our company with you in the coming years. The Aeon Mk. III Series 2 is in the production cycle, and we’ve got some new things on the agenda for 2019 and onwards, that will continue grow on what has been built so far.

To those of you who have supported us through the years: Thank you. To those of you who haven’t yet had the opportunity to be acquainted with our work, we look forward to the honor of one of our Electric Torches entering your service.

Warmest regards,


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