Beagle Mk. I Electric Torch

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The Beagle is the most electromechanically sophisticated Electric Torch ever released by Muyshondt, and has been designed to offer two beam types in a single, small package. In close quarters, you are provided with a smooth wash of light at all intensity levels. When you need to illuminate something at a longer distance, the fourth and fifth intensities have a higher output LED behind a parabolic reflector that will reach out farther. It is designed as a go-anywhere, do-anything tool that will give you both the type and amount of light output you need for any situation.

Continuing in the tradition of the Flieger, the Beagle can run on CR123s, RCR123s, and 18350 cells, and was designed around the MPC-18350I cell, allowing for multiple power plants.


The Calibre 1116 Light Engine developed for the Beagle regulates output to the LEDs without use of Pulse Width Modulation, which can cause a disorienting strobe-like effect, and does so with a simple, easy to use interface: Click on, half press to cycle between the five light intensities, click off.


There are a whole slew of superior features that have been designed into the Beagle, from the new Darkwell and Relic finishes, to a titanium pushbutton, milled pyramidal knurling, a titanium clip, among several other features, all well detailed on the product pages. It’s available at preorder pricing of $50 off retail through the end of June 2017, and is estimated to be completed by August/September 2017.


The specifications listed on each product page are the expected features in production, based on prototype testing – the only “visible” change to the design from the listed photos will be a stonewashed clip. No further visible changes are anticipated, and the Beagles will be retested for output and runtime at production.

Updates to the project will be posted regularly to the Muyshondt Electric Torches Facebook Group, and sent out periodically by e-mail.


The Beagle was designed to function well in a wide variety of circumstances, and to do so without compromises. It produces a generous amount of light, in two beam arrangements, for a long time, without overheating, in a small package, off of multiple primary or rechargeable battery types, with a simple and intuitive user interface, a functional and elegant design, and a focus on quality in every little detail (that was a mouthful).

In short, we’re very excited to be bringing the Beagle to production after nearly a year of development, and doubly excited to see what adventures you take them on soon.

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