Aeon Mk. III Pre-order

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We’re excited to be bringing the Aeon Mk. III Series 2 to you today. A few notes regarding pre-orders:

  • The delivery date is an estimate. Usually we’re on time. Sometimes we’re a little early. Sometimes we’re a little late. As always, time is malleable, quality isn’t. We're working towards July 2018, and are thankful for your patience and support.
  • There may be minor changes to appearances or specifications in production, but this is unlikely.
  • Updates will be posted on Instagram Stories ( and occasionally sent out by e-mail. Please follow us on Instagram to receive regular updates, and sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page.
  • Need help at any time before shipping? Contact us.

All pre-orders will receive a free five-pack of MPC-CR2L Power Cells with their purchase.

Edit: This was covered some in the product pages, but it’s worth pointing out directly here, too. 

The main differences between the Series 2 and Series 1 Aeons are:

  • Knurling has been replaced with a banded grip, which was used in the Opus models previously.
  • Some tweaks have been made to the tailcap area, inside and out.
  • The Mk. III Light Engine has been replaced with the Calibre 515, which changes how the light engine handles light intensity control internally.
  • Darkwell Titanium and Relic Copper finishes, popular in the Beagle, are now available in the Aeon as well.
  • All Series 2 Electric Torches come serialized under the clip

The Aeon Mk. III S2 is intended to build on the foundation laid by its predecessor. The previous model has been widely unavailable in Titanium since 2016, and we’re excited to be bringing the Aeon back to production in its latest form. We’re also glad to be able to continue to offer the S1 model in aluminum for as long as we have inventory left available.

We appreciate your interest in Muyshondt products and are greatly looking forward to seeing what adventures you take them on soon. Thank you so much for joining us on this exciting new project - we're glad you're here!



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